Eurocrypt 2009 rump session

The Eurocrypt 2009 rump session took place on Tuesday 28 April 2009. Daniel J. Bernstein served as chair. Tanja Lange served as associate chair. Michael Naehrig served as lead guitarist. Final schedule:
Eurocrypt 2009 rump session, Tuesday 28 April 2009
Conference organization
18:30Aurélie Bauer, Sorina Ionica, Joana Treger and Vanessa VitseSorina IonicaAntoine Joux, the program chair but not only ...slides
18:32Antoine JouxAntoine JouxEurocrypt program chair's statisticsslides
18:38Michel Abdalla, Pierre-Alain Fouque, David Pointcheval, Damien VergnaudPierre-Alain FouqueACNS 2009 Conferenceslides
18:39Tanja Lange, Arjen LenstraTanja LangeSHARCS'09slides
18:40Eiji OkamotoEiji OkamotoAsiacrypt 2009slides
18:41CANS 2009 Organizing CommitteeKatsuyuki TakashimaCANS 2009slides
18:42Mario Lamberger and Christian RechbergerChristian RechbergerWEWoRC 2009slides
18:43Nigel SmartNigel SmartThree Announcementsslides
18:46Kaoru KurosawaKaoru KurosawaICITS 2009slides
18:47aggelos kiayiasaggelos Call for Reviewsslides
18:51Alex Biryukov, Dmitry Khovratovich, Ivica NikolićDmitry KhovratovichAES-256 is Not Idealslides
18:56Lu Xiao, Greg RoseGreg RoseAttacks on MRG ciphersslides
19:03Ueli Maurer, Stefano TessaroStefano TessaroComputational Indistinguishability Amplification: Provable Security Amplification by Cascade Encryptionslides
19:08Gregory Bard with Nicolas Courtois and Shaun AultGregory BardDistinguishing Attacks on Highly-Iterated Ciphersslides
19:11Yevgeniy Dodis, John SteinbergerYevgeniy DodisMessage Authentication Codes from Unpredictable Block Ciphersslides
19:15Michael VielhaberMichael VielhaberAIDA vs. TRIVIUM 793 : 1152 FINAL SCORE 980 : 1152slides
19:19Adi ShamirAdi ShamirOn the Evolution of Cryptanalytic Attacks
Hash functions
19:24Cameron McDonald, Josef Pieprzyk, Phil HawkesGreg RoseAutomatic Differential Path Searching for SHA-1slides
19:29Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Dmitry KhovratovichDmitry KhovratovichBeer-recovery analysisslides
19:36Harry Wiggins, Cameron McDonald, Phil Hawkes, Greg RoseGreg RoseMore Differential Paths for TIB3slides
19:43Michael Naehrig, Christiane Peters, Peter SchwabeChristiane PetersA brief look at the 56 SHA-3 submissionsslides
Cryptography and security
20:20Henk van TilborgJean-Jacques QuisquaterEncyclopedia of Cryptography and Security - second edition coming out 2010slides
20:22Serge VaudenaySerge VaudenayThe Biometric Passport: the Swiss Caseslides
20:29Nicolas T. Courtois, University College LondonNicolas T. CourtoisConditional Multiple Differential Attack on MiFare Classic Smart Cardsslides
20:33Christian CachinChristian CachinKey Management - From Cryptoprocessors to OASISslides
20:39Yuji SUGAYuji SUGAA proposal of secure and green printing systemslides
Public-key cryptography
20:42Krzysztof Pietrzak and Eike KiltzKrzysztof PietrzakEfficient Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Cryptograhpyslides
20:46Joel Alwen, Yevgeniy Dodis and Daniel Wichs Yevgeniy Dodis Public Key Cryptography in the Bounded Retrieval Modelslides
20:50Daniel J. Bernstein, Hsueh-Chung Chen, Ming-Shing Chen, Chen-Mou Cheng, Chun-Hung Hsiao, Tanja Lange, Zong-Cing Lin, and Bo-Yin YangChen-Mou ChengA Billion-mulmods-per-second PCslides
20:57Eike Kiltz and Adam O'NeillAdam O'NeillSecurrity Proofs for OAEP in the Standard Modelslides
21:02Jean-Sebastien Coron, David Naccache and Mehdi Tibouchi and Ralf-Philipp WeinmannDavid NaccachePractical Forgery of ISO 9796-2:2002 RSA Signatures
21:09Craig GentryCraig GentryFully Homomorphic Encryption Using Ideal Latticesslides
21:16Steven MeyerSteven MeyerMaybe non Number Theory Crytography is Worth Tryingslides
21:20Claus P. SchnorrClaus P. SchnorrFactoring Integers in Polynomial Timeslides
21:25Michael Naehrig, Christiane Peters, Peter SchwabetuttiA brief look at the 56 SHA-3 submissions (reprise)